Special Teams


The academic team is one of the most intellectually challenging teams within the JROTC program. Military history, current events, citizenship, flags, drill, and ceremony are just a few of the arenas in which they are trained. Their intelligence is measured through various mental competitions, challenges, 


The Battalion Drill Teams is an exciting ceremonial extension of the discipline, teamwork and leadership skills learned in class. The teams perform at all inspections and ceremonies; are consisted of Armed and Unarmed Drill Teams. The Drill Team is outstanding in creating a high state of discipline, maturity, moral, confidence, attention to detail and distinct atmosphere within the JROTC Program. Each team will compete at drill competitions local and possibly on a national level.


The Battalion Color Guard teams consists of 4 members a U.S. Flag and a Texas flag bearer and two guard rifles. They are responsible for presenting the flag in a variety of settings. The members of Color Guard Practice drill and ceremonies, proper wearing of the uniform as well as the proper ways to show respect to our nations flag. Each team will compete at drill competitions local and possibly on a national level.


JROTC Physical Fitness and Raider teams goes to all of the JROTC competitions and the members compete for the most push-ups, pull ups sit ups, fastest 100 yard or 1-mile time. Physical Training team is way for you to have fun but also get into physical shape.


The Rifle Marksmanship team is a team that consists of skilled marksman, both male and female, that compete against other schools in sanctioned matches. They shoot in three different positions: prone, standing, and kneeling. Three-Position Air Rifle provides young competitors with competitive shooting sports opportunities that can be offered on a wide variety of easily accessible or easily constructed ranges, with equipment that is commonly available at affordable costs.